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On Thursday Gabriel went to a concert of the Choir of the Tours opera organized by the creche. He is one happy boy when he hears music! He kept calling out “Bravo!” before and after each piece. I guess we’ll have to organize more concerts for him…


We wake up at 2 a.m. because Gabriel has been sick in his bed.  We finally decide to call SOS MEDECINS to have him checked up at 6 a.m.  I get really annoyed at not getting any sleep and the fact that the doctor charges 82 EUROS for a call out fee doesn’t make me feel any better.  I take Gabriel to our family doctor at 10.30a.m.  Linda and I were planning to have an outing this evening by ourselves while Gabriel stays with his grandparents but we rule this out because Gabriel is not well.  It’s become difficult to find any time for just the two of us..



5.30 am Crying wakes us up. Gabriel hasn’t eaten since 9.45pm last night. He cries in his bathtub. It’s not going to be an ordinary day…

7.30am Arrival at Clocheville children’s hospital with Martine and Roger. Typical French administration with all the in patients arriving at the same time. We wait another 10 minutes for the nurse to arrive and to find out what time the operation will be.

9.30am The operation begins on time. Two hours of waiting with Gabriel but no sign of the nurses coming. He hasn’t had breakfast and can’t sit still. Linda starts to get annoyed at the nurses. Finally, after three hours of kicking and screaming Gabriel gets to go down to the operation room. I feel like crying when he leaves for the operation.

11.30 THE WAIT. We have a neighbour in our room as we wait. We find out later that he has a epileptic seizures and that life is a nightmare for his Mum who has lost 10 kilos, has given up her job to look after her baby. I guess our problems are small in comparison…

12:00pm Children’s hospitals are great for children but they don’t have any beds to sleep for adults!

12:30pm Gabriel comes of the elevator looking for Mummy. He falls asleep in Linda’s arms and we know that he is OK. Another four hours of waiting and we are on our way home!


My day as an extra for a film. I was looking at job formations at the ANPE when someone asked me if I was an actor. I had nothing else to do that afternoon so I said yes. I just had to get someone to babysit Gabriel.

At 3.30pm that afternoon I turned up at the address which was 5 minutes from our house. I was supposed to be a salesman in a top end shoe store. Seemed easy enough except that when there was only one line to read and I was supposed to improvise the dialogue on the telephone!

I started to get nervous when I was rehearsing with the stage guy and the other salesman. I thought about telling them I wasn’t really an actor! But that wasn’t an option so I managed to get through while the guy coached me on the other end of the line…

It lasted four hours and I have to say it was extremely badly paid but hey for my first acting job it was kind of funny to be on a television film…


Early Sunday morning. Gabriel is back from his trip to Normandy with Martine and Roger. He was away for just one night but the house was extremely silent the night he was away. In fact he came back a day earlier than planned so that he could have his breastfeed. We just had time to eat a crêpe for lunch. I wonder when our next holiday will be?


I had time to chat to my godmother Therese tonight. Always fun to chat with her. She has grandchildren and it looks like the flu season is starting in Britain too. Gabriel was not well today and didn’t sleep much (nor did we!). Tomorrow’s another day…


Times are changing and I’m waiting for a call from Rob.  I guess that his wedding is set for four months time.  I missed his SMS this afternoon so I hope we can get in touch soon.  Tomorrow is the deadline for the grant for my ensemble.  We are crossing our fingers for next year to get the ensemble on the road.