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Gabriel’s first operation


5.30 am Crying wakes us up. Gabriel hasn’t eaten since 9.45pm last night. He cries in his bathtub. It’s not going to be an ordinary day…

7.30am Arrival at Clocheville children’s hospital with Martine and Roger. Typical French administration with all the in patients arriving at the same time. We wait another 10 minutes for the nurse to arrive and to find out what time the operation will be.

9.30am The operation begins on time. Two hours of waiting with Gabriel but no sign of the nurses coming. He hasn’t had breakfast and can’t sit still. Linda starts to get annoyed at the nurses. Finally, after three hours of kicking and screaming Gabriel gets to go down to the operation room. I feel like crying when he leaves for the operation.

11.30 THE WAIT. We have a neighbour in our room as we wait. We find out later that he has a epileptic seizures and that life is a nightmare for his Mum who has lost 10 kilos, has given up her job to look after her baby. I guess our problems are small in comparison…

12:00pm Children’s hospitals are great for children but they don’t have any beds to sleep for adults!

12:30pm Gabriel comes of the elevator looking for Mummy. He falls asleep in Linda’s arms and we know that he is OK. Another four hours of waiting and we are on our way home!


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