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Gabriel’s first concert

November 10, 2007

On Thursday Gabriel went to a concert of the Choir of the Tours opera organized by the creche. He is one happy boy when he hears music! He kept calling out “Bravo!” before and after each piece. I guess we’ll have to organize more concerts for him… Saturday We wake up at 2 a.m. because […]

Gabriel’s first operation

October 22, 2007

5.30 am Crying wakes us up. Gabriel hasn’t eaten since 9.45pm last night. He cries in his bathtub. It’s not going to be an ordinary day… 7.30am Arrival at Clocheville children’s hospital with Martine and Roger. Typical French administration with all the in patients arriving at the same time. We wait another 10 minutes for […]

Film star

October 2, 2007

My day as an extra for a film. I was looking at job formations at the ANPE when someone asked me if I was an actor. I had nothing else to do that afternoon so I said yes. I just had to get someone to babysit Gabriel. At 3.30pm that afternoon I turned up at […]

Saturday 29/09/07

September 30, 2007

Early Sunday morning. Gabriel is back from his trip to Normandy with Martine and Roger. He was away for just one night but the house was extremely silent the night he was away. In fact he came back a day earlier than planned so that he could have his breastfeed. We just had time to […]

Monday 24/09/07

September 24, 2007

I had time to chat to my godmother Therese tonight. Always fun to chat with her. She has grandchildren and it looks like the flu season is starting in Britain too. Gabriel was not well today and didn’t sleep much (nor did we!). Tomorrow’s another day…


September 20, 2007

Times are changing and I’m waiting for a call from Rob.  I guess that his wedding is set for four months time.  I missed his SMS this afternoon so I hope we can get in touch soon.  Tomorrow is the deadline for the grant for my ensemble.  We are crossing our fingers for next year […]

Video of Gabriel walking June 2007

September 19, 2007


September 19, 2007